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All -

With apologies to those of you (which is probably most of you) who have already received this - please see the beginnings of the CFP for SHOT 2016 below.  The rest is at http://www.historyoftechnology.org/call_for_papers/index.html.

The text from the website has some specifics about the Open Panel logistics, which is a relatively new procedure for SHOT:

"Individuals interested in finding others to join panel sessions for the Annual Meeting may propose Open Sessions to the Secretary's office via email, starting October 15, with a final deadline of December 1. Open Sessions descriptions, along with organizer contact information, will appear as soon as possible on the SHOT website, on the Open Sessions List<http://www.historyoftechnology.org/call_for_papers/open_panels.html>. (The earlier the proposal is received by the Secretary, the earlier it will be posted to the Open Sessions List.)”


Ready, set, go!


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Date: October 16, 2015 at 2:02:21 PM EDT
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Subject: Call for Papers: SHOT 2016 (Singapore, 22-26 June)

Society for the History of Technology
16 October 2015

Call for Papers: 2016 SHOT Annual Meeting (Singapore, 22-26 June)

The Society for the History of Technology is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for our 2016 meeting in Singapore!

Formed in 1958, SHOT is an interdisciplinary and international organization concerned not only with the history of technological devices and processes but also with technology in history, the development of technology, and its relations with society and culture --that is, the relationship of technology to politics, economics, science, the arts, and the organization of production, and with the role it plays in the differentiation of individuals in society.

Accordingly, the Program Committee invites paper and session proposals on any topic in a broadly defined history of technology, including topics that push the boundaries of the discipline. The Committee welcomes proposals for complete sessions (preferred) or individual papers from researchers at all levels. We also welcome proposals from all researchers, whether veterans or newcomers to SHOT's meetings, and regardless of primary discipline. Submitters are encouraged to propose sessions that include a diverse mix of participants: multinational origins, gender, graduate students and junior scholars with senior scholars, significantly diverse institutional affiliations, etc.

For more information, or to submit a proposal, please visit the 2016 Call for Papers site at http://www.historyoftechnology.org/call_for_papers/index.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001F9mMijumDz5dc4oG9WepCB9e7qOGvPjT3xM50n_PUBmQ0Yu7JcbMWMcYCo7Z8QzAb7qbkc80DP9TnUQ_GKRAOTaIbMffyoDrrTzunkaux4tNzMfFOmcT1aj_w9aCqhctVp-QnlhVwSyrwUClsLq87Iju5JKKxIZfj-NUltt53SeU41JWlUxpSD3i_ppk-EeB2oj5Hfz5bAWhfVDZyh3ZptYWpmSsHLWx&c=8hJe93hsmUvlA6QtvddaNsMuAQZAZCF-eVhU6JAA0JqBHh6GqZC-dw==&ch=GBRWkS92CCn2UYUaA8DqayHffTZ_5q9d78ux960Qnc67jtccHGNsMg==>.

- David Lucsko, Secretary
Society for the History of Technology

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