[SIGCIS-Members] An unusual academic post in Science at Swansea

John Tucker j.v.tucker at swansea.ac.uk
Wed Feb 18 05:34:27 PST 2015

Let me draw attention to an unusual new appointment in the College of  
Science at Swansea University, in case it is of interest to you or  
your research students.

The College is seeking to appoint an inspiring and enthusiastic  
teacher in any scientific subject area --  including the history of  
science and technology -- to enhance significantly the learning  
experience of science students through first rate teaching and  
curricula development. The successful candidate will be expected to  
develop and promote good practice and innovation.

The College is also keen in linking disciplines and providing a more  
rounded scientific education. There is very fertile ground in Swansea  
University -- and, indeed, in Wales generally -- for developing  
research and teaching the history of science and technology in various  
ways. In the College of Science, this appointment would have young  
scientists -- undergraduates and postgraduates -- in mind and the  
successful candidate would have some opportunities and influence.

Given the unifying and prominent role of computing in modern science  
since the 1950s,  a historian of computing technology, its  
applications and impact could offer the College something special. I  
thought that you may know of someone in history of computing who would  
be attracted to a post with a base in Computer Science and a brief to  
range widely.

Note the post is announced at two levels -- Senior Lecturer and  
Associate Professor -- depending upon experience. Note too that  
Swansea has very flexible career paths that allow movement, e.g., to  
and from primarily research and teaching roles.

At Swansea, the College of Science consists of these disciplines, each  
with their own department:

Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Biosciences and Geography.

Swansea University is here:


The College of Science is here:


The Department of Computer Science is here:


Further and formal details of the post are here:


John Tucker
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