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Paul Fishwick metaphorz at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 14:34:24 PDT 2015

I recently listened to a podcast on Pickering's human-intensive computing
for processing astronomical data. Here is a wiki page that contains an overview and
photograph from 1890:


I am seeking diagrammatic workflow models of the types of computation that occurred
under Pickering's direction, but more generally, any articles or texts that contain such
diagrams for human computing.  I am familiar with modern formalisms such as 
BPMN: http://www.bpmn.org/ in which business workflows might be formalized. I also have 
read Grier's excellent book:


The history and cultural context is interesting to me, and most appropriate for engaging
readers, however, the main end-point in this story-telling process, for me, is for people to 
appreciate the path toward the diagrammatic formalisms with their nodes, merges, branches, and

If I need to, I can embark on a path toward creating some models with the written historical 
accounts as a guide, but I thought that checking here would be the best starting location in this 
quest for diagrammatic evidence.


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