[SIGCIS-Members] Woman in computing - NPR interviews

Allan Olley allan.olley at utoronto.ca
Sun Oct 19 20:58:16 PDT 2014

 	Just following up on the e-mail Janet Abbate sent, I think the 
podcast she menitoned is up. 
 	An interesting piece (about 17 minutes) on the trend away from 
women majoring in Comp Sci that started in 1984. Some reference to the 
prominence of women in the early computer industry and then looking at the 
personal computer culture of the period. Also, references to later 
attempts to increase participation rates among women in computer science 
(specifically the project in the mid 90s by Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher 
at Carnagie Mellon).
 	It ends by acknowledging many people and sources including various 
pioneers, the organizers of the Grace Hopper conference, the book Gender 
Codes and its editor Tom Misa and authors including Janet Abbate and 
Carolyn Clark Hayes (sorry I don't have the energy to transcribe the 


Yours Truly,
Allan Olley, PhD


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