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Sharon Traweek traweek at history.ucla.edu
Thu Oct 9 11:26:51 PDT 2014

I support and admire the SHOT SIGCIS postings by Nathan Ensmeger, Tom Haigh, and others, about the Morozov/Nasser articles; I already have used some of their comments and those of others as a "teaching moment" with my current/former grad students/postdocs.  I also will teach in the future about these issues, as Paul Edwards mentioned he will be doing.

Of course, most of us are increasingly concerned with our public engagements as scholars and many of us teach about that responsibility. During the last few days I have asked some of my colleagues
*  how we should respond if our own current/former grad students/postdocs were to engage in public engagement practices similar to those used by Morozov/Nasser, and
* what new efforts we should launch with these latest erasures/appropriations of scholarly work without appropriate credit, while we continue to deal with the intellectual, social, economic, cultural, and historiographical distortions generated by the erasures of many people's work in histories of technology and science.

Sharon Traweek, Gender Studies, UCLA

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