[SIGCIS-Members] Issason, Acknowledgements, and Crowdsourcing

Janet Abbate abbate at vt.edu
Wed Oct 8 06:41:02 PDT 2014

Would it be worth having a "Media" or "Journalists" page on the SIGCIS website, with a prominent link from the home page? Yes, we already have a Member Directory with contact information, but given the disconnect we seem to have with the press, having a page directly addressed to them might help. (Exactly what we would put on the Media page is another question.)  

Speaking of media, there is a Grace Hopper documentary under way: see http://bornwithcuriosity.com/ 

I spoke with the producers and gave them instructions for joining SIGCIS. (I don't know if they have actually joined this list. If so, welcome!) They are interested both in Hopper's life and in the larger historical context in which she worked, especially with regard to gender roles.  I copied their bios below. If you have done research in this area and they haven't already contacted you, I'd be happy to pass your name along, or you can use the contact form on the website. Since this is a film, the attribution choices are probably: speak on camera and get full attribution, or provide 'background' and get none (or perhaps your name somewhere in the end credits). As Jim Cortada notes, there is value in both. 

"Melissa Pierce is the Producer and Director of ‘Born with Curiosity’ and the award winning documentary ‘Life in Perpetual Beta‘.  She also founded Chicago Women Developers (CWD), a non-profit organization that teaches women how to code.  
Marian Mangoubi is the Producer, Screenwriter and Researcher of ‘Born with Curiosity’.  Prior to this, she has served in various roles while working on film/television/web series productions.  She has also spent time working as a digital marketer."


On Oct 7, 2014, at 6:20 00PM, Thomas Haigh wrote:

> When even a guy who is writing a book full of old-school history of computing anecdotes about Babbage, Zuse, ENIAC, delay lines, who invented what, etc. doesn’t think it’s worth reaching out to us to anyone in the SIGCIS community to see if he got his facts straight that says something rather dispiriting about popular history, our collective success in winning recognition for our expertise, or both.

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