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On Oct 8, 2014, at 1:08 PM, Mike Willegal <mike at willegal.net> wrote:

> Though we are lucky enough to be able to talk to many people that experienced the events, first hand, I have found that interviews done 30, 40 or 50 years after the fact is fraught with the difficulty of people remembering exactly what happened.  Many people “remember” what has been most frequently reported over the past decade or so.  Researchers in Civil War history have found the same thing and are more and more relying upon contemporary evidence such as journals, newspapers and letters.

now i am challenged to pick the right subject, but i guess this 5cents fit here best -  even i want to see this as part of the historian&journalist discussion, also. 

i am interested to find out how to work together better, and how to challenge the memory of my interview partners but also what has been said and written already by historians and journalists alike. so i want to add here what i have learned as a journalist:
sometimes it helps to bring two different views to the table.
during my journey to find out what europe did or did not in regard to building computer networks i once managed to bring maurice allègre (politician) together with louis pouzin for an interview on the european informatics network. 

what made a difference and changed the whole conversation were the following 30 seconds 

all the best,

ps. thanks for that discussion!

> regards,
> Mike Willegal
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