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This might be of interest to some
Bangor University (Wales)

Alan Turing - A Forbidden Fruit, its Serendipitous Fall and a Poisoned Bite
Date:	2014
By:	K.Vela Velupillai
URL:	http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:trn:utwpas:1407&r=his


I summarise some of the various ways in which the Turing birth centennial 
has been commemorated, paying homage to a few of his remarkable hints on how to ‘see 
further’. The third section is an outline of what I call the five classic contributions by Turing, 
those which embody what Max Newman in his early (1955) Royal Society Biographical Memoir
(Cooper-van Leeuven, pp. 5-12) referred to as their ‘unity of purpose’ (ibid., p. 7). The 
concluding section is written with my economist’s ‘hat’ firmly placed on my aged head –
wondering why so much confusion and misconceptions surround many of the claimed 
applications of computability (and Brouwerian constructivity) in applied and pure economic 
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