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This colloquium is a great opportunity for graduate students. BHC makes a
deliberate attempt to reach out to people who might not consider themselves
"historians of business" but whose work interacts in some way with markets,
consumption, corporations, etc. Indeed, the BHC's commitment to graduate
students inspired some of our SIGCIS practices such as the dissertations in
progress session at our workshop.




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Dear BHC members:  Please note below..reminder the deadline is December 1,
2014 for submissions.  Best, C.

Carol Ressler Lockman

Business History Conference

Manager, Hagley Center

 <http://www.thebhc.org/annmeet/docoll.html> The BHC Doctoral Colloquium in
Business History will be held in conjunction with the BHC annual meeting.
This prestigious workshop, sponsored by BHC and funded by Cambridge
University Press, will take place in Miami at the conference site Tuesday,
June 23, and Wednesday, June 24. The colloquium is limited to ten students.
Participants work intensively with a distinguished group of BHC-affiliated
scholars that includes at least two BHC officers. The colloquium will
discuss dissertation proposals, relevant literatures and research
strategies, and employment opportunities in business history. This
colloquium is intended for doctoral candidates in the early stages of their
dissertation projects. If you are interested in being considered for this
colloquium, please submit to Roger Horowitz at  <mailto:BHC at Hagley.org>
BHC at Hagley.org by 1 December 2014 a statement of interest, a CV, a
preliminary or final dissertation prospectus of 10-15 pages, and a letter of
support from your dissertation supervisor (or prospective supervisor). All
participants receive a stipend that will partially cover the costs of their
attendance at the annual meeting. The colloquium committee will notify all
applicants of its decisions by 23 January 2015.

If you have any questions about the Colloquium or the application process,
please contact Pamela Laird, Colloquium Director, at
pamela.laird at UCDenver.edu.


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