[SIGCIS-Members] Coming to SHOT? Bring us your spare books!

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Tue Nov 4 09:53:02 PST 2014

Hello everyone,


If you are coming to SHOT this year then please look around your office
shelves before you depart and grab any history of computing books you can
part with - desk or review copies, copies of your own books, etc.  We will
then auction them off at our annual lunch meeting on Friday to raise money
for the graduate student travel grants.


This is particularly important this year, as we do not expect to receive
anything like as many MIT Press books as has been the case in recent years.
We're anticipating fewer than a dozen books from this source. So we need our
members to help to fill the gap so that we can maintain our travel grant
program for SIGCIS workshop presenters (we committed a record $2,900 for ten
awards this year). 


The awards rely entirely on the generosity of our members. Also, please
bring plenty of cash or a check book to the meeting to bid on books with or
to stuff into our money bowl as it circulates.


BTW: any books you contribute are a donation to SHOT, and thus whatever they
sell for should be tax deductible if you are a US tax payer who itemizes
deductions. Usual disclaimer of "consult your tax professional" applies.


Best wishes,





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