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The document does sound very interesting, and I urge Paul to upload it
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members, and will work correctly in the archive and digest versions of the


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SIGCISers and SIGCISters - 


Courtesy of Prof. Willard McCarty, who dug this out with a FOIA request and
some help from an archivist and others at Lincoln Labs, here is the 1950
final report of the Air Defense Systems Engineering Committee (ADSEC) -
classified until now. Many of you will know that this committee, aka the
Valley Committee (for its leader, MIT prof George Valley), played a major
role in initiating the SAGE air defense system of the 1950s.


It's a fascinating read for the organism/machine metaphors, the cybernetic
thinking, and the view of what was seen as possible (and not possible). To
me, one of the most interesting thing about it is the awareness that
converting analog signals into digital form was even more of a stumbling
block than computing itself, which is seen as a relatively trivial matter
that would require mainly time to develop computers with enough capacity to
track hundreds or thousands of airplanes at once.











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