[SIGCIS-Members] My thoughts on the iCHSTM and the history of computing

Allan Olley allan.olley at utoronto.ca
Sat Aug 10 15:04:29 PDT 2013

 	I've made a blog post at the IT History Society page about the 
history of computing at the recently concluded international Congress for 
the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.


 	I summarized the main sessions involving history of computing and 
gave some of my general thoughts, but I also searched through the 
abstracts for key terms and tried to uncover all the individual papers 
that seemed relevant to the history of computing or IT and listed them 
all (with links to the asbtracts). I'm pretty sure I missed several (I 
did little to uncover the ones about mathematical tables or other 
computational science pre computer), but hopefully the listing is 
of some use (it made me aware of some interesting work anyway).


Yours Truly,
Allan Olley, PhD


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