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Lars Heide, internationally known educator and historian, joins the IT
History Society Board


San Francisco, CA (PrBuzz) October 3, 2012 - Lars Heide, associate professor
at the Centre for Business History at the Copenhagen Business School and
editor of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, joins the
<http://www.ithistory.org/> IT History Society's (www.IThistory.org) board
of directors. 


"Lars Heide is our first director that has been elected to the Board of the
IT History Society that resides outside North America", said Jeffery Stein,
Chairman; "one half of the Society's membership resides outside the North
America, Lars is in unique position to guide the Society in becoming an even
more of an international organization".


"I am pleased and honored to join as a director of the Society and I look
forward to assisting in the Society's international interests", said Lars
Heide, "for I was the first international member to join the Society at its
beginning in 2007".


The IT History Society with its many new databases is becoming the 'table of
contents' of where the history of information technology is located.  In
addition, the Society wants to encourage information technology companies to
preserve their histories and the accompanying return on investment. 


The Society's membership includes over 700 members of which there are 150
historians, archivists, plus IT companies, and people interested in
information technology including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, INTEL, The Internet
Archive, Technology Innovation, Charles Babbage Institute, Computer History
Museum, IEEE History Center, Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists,
McKesson, U.K. National Archive for the History of Computing, ACM History
Committee, FedEx, Agilent, British Library, Applied Materials, Caltech,
Computer Conservation Society, Deutsches Museum, Deltek, Microsoft, MIT, the
Smithsonian Institution, and Symantec.  Membership in the Society is
complimentary due to the generous donations from the computer industry.


The IT History Society supports the collaboration of like-minded
institutions and individuals in expanding the reach of historical and
archival activities while at the same time communicating to the private
sector the value of preserving their history and heritage for future
generations.  The IT History Society continually promotes the value of
preservation of information technology corporate history with its many
databases and acting as a gateway for the location of historical information
as a teaching and research aid for colleges, universities and researchers in
both the public and private sectors.


Another key resource is the IT Honor Roll Database
http://ithistory.org/honor_roll/honor-roll-random.php The Honor Roll
includes individuals who have made a noteworthy contribution to the
information technology industry. The IT History Society Historical Resource
Sites comprises over 1,600 historical information technology sites that are
indexed by the Society for use by educators, students, and researchers.
http://www.ithistory.org/resource_sites/resource-sites.php An added database
is the hardware database of all information technology hardware ever
manufactured.  The library consists of over 11,000 entries growing by over
100 per day.  The database is located on the web at


About ITHS


The IT History Society exists to enhance and expand works concerning the
history of Information Technology and to demonstrate the value of IT history
for the understanding and improvement of our present and future world.



IT History Society

One Blackfield Drive - Suite 331

Tiburon, CA 94920

(415) 435-2263


info at ITHistory.org

www.ITHistory.org <http://www.ithistory.org/> 


Sm logo dropEnsuring the Future by Preserving the Past 


 <http://www.twitter.com/ithistoryorg> twitter



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