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On the Origin(s) and Development of the Term “Big Data"
Date:	2012-09-21
By:	Francis X. Diebold (Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania)
URL:	http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:pen:papers:12-037&r=his
I investigate the origins of the now-ubiquitous term ”Big Data," in industry and academics, in computer science and statistics/econometrics. Credit for coining the term must be shared. In particular, John Mashey and others at Silicon Graphics produced highly relevant (unpublished, non-academic) work in the mid-1990s. The first significant academic references (independent of each other and of Silicon Graphics) appear to be Weiss and Indurkhya (1998) in computer science and Diebold (2000) in statistics /econometrics. Douglas Laney of Gartner also produced insightful work (again unpublished and non-academic) slightly later. Big Data the term is now firmly entrenched, Big Data the phenomenon continues unabated, and Big Data the discipline is emerging.
Keywords:	Massive data, computing, statistics, econometrics

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