[SIGCIS-Members] Resources on Technology "Laws"?

Joshua Welsh welsh059 at umn.edu
Fri Oct 5 03:43:08 PDT 2012


I wonder if anyone in the group could point me to a resource or two on the
"Laws" and Maxims that seem to pervade the technology industry. I'm
thinking of things such as Moore's Law, Brooks' Law, etc. I guess I'm
especially looking for some kind of "meta scholarship" on laws and maxims
themselves. It's simple enough to find sources that explain or
contextualize the laws themselves. but a bit harder to find scholarship on
the big picture.

A bit of context: I'm working on my dissertation, which involves the
rhetoric that technological choices are built upon, and I've stumbled
across an allusion to Amara's Law (i.e., People tend to overestimate
technology in the short term and underestimate it in the long term.). I got
to wondering just how big of a role such laws play in technology decisions.

Thanks in advance!


Joshua Welsh
PhD Candidate, Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication
University of Minnesota

Department of Writing Studies
214 Nolte Center
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