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Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Tue Oct 2 22:44:48 PDT 2012

Hello SIGCIS members,


Many of you are now packing to leave for Copenhagen, or may already be in
the air. So I wanted to make a couple of important reminders or


1.       Usually I go through the SHOT provisional program posted online and
compile a list of all papers and panels with material related to computing.
Sadly this year I’ve been unable to find any detailed program information on
the meeting website at
http://www.historyoftechnology.org/annual_meeting.html. You will find below
this message the details of the three main conference panels organized or
sponsored by SIGCIS – though we still don’t know the room assignments.

2.       The SIGCIS lunch takes place 12:30 to 2:00 on Friday. Hopefully
you’ve seen our previous announcements on this topic. The information on the
SHOT website is still wrong – in fact the lunch will be a tapas buffet with
a cost of $25 per person, paid in advance when you pick up your materials at
the meeting registration desk. The location is the rotunda by the Soldjberg
Plads cafeteria. Unfortunately we were left off the SHOT registration form
this year, so the process of establishing who is coming has been rather
chaotic. We hope that at least a few additional spaces will be available for
those who did not already reserve a spot via email to SHOT  – if you are
interested then check this when you are at the registration desk. Bring
plenty of cash for the book auction.

3.       The SIGCIS workshop takes place all day on Sunday. We have now
updated the program at http://www.sigcis.org/workshop12 with details about
the post-workshop informal group dinner, which will take place shortly after
the workshop at a nearby restaurant. Pay in cash directly at the restaurant.
Andy Russell, the workshop chair, has been collecting names for the
reservation list. arussell at stevens.edu
<mailto:arussell at stevens.edu?subject=SIGCIS%20question>  There is no
official business to be conducted – just chat and relaxation.

4.       If you are coming to the workshop, PLEASE do you best to read the
precirculated papers for the dissertations in progress session and/or the
work in progress session. These are available directly from the workshop
program page via the “full text” links. http://www.sigcis.org/workshop12 I
am printing them to read on and between planes on my way to Denmark. These
sessions will just feature short (approx 5 minute) statements from the
authors followed by discussion of the precirculated materials. So we need a
critical mass of people in the audience who have read them. My apologies for
not sending a reminder earlier. We usually do this when the collection is
complete, and the sad truth is that for each session we only ever received
two out of three papers. The four participants who did get their material to
us for posting should not suffer for the sins of the other two, so let’s
make an effort to read their materials and give them a spirited discussion
that makes their journey worthwhile.


Best wishes,



Below is what we received from SHOT with details on the timing of the SIGCIS
panels in the main conference:



8.30 - 10 AM


The Social Origins of Personal Computing

Sponsored by SIGCIS

Organizer: Peter Collopy (University of Pennsylvania)

Chair: John Laprise (Northwestern University in Qatar)

Commentator: Thomas Haigh (University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee)

Kevin Gotkin (University of Pennsylvania): When Computers Were Amateurs:
Hobbyist Computer Clubs,


(WITHDRAWN: Peter Collopy (University of Pennsylvania): “A Bicycle for the
Mind”: The Personal Computer as

Appropriate Technology)

Laine Nooney (Stony Brook University): Home is Where the Game Is: Sierra
On-Line and Women’s

Computer Gaming




2 - 3.30 PM


International Information Identities

Sponsored by SIGCIS

Organizer: Thomas Haigh (University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee)

Chair: Daniel Holbrook (Marshall University)

Commentator: Marie Hicks (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Petri Paju (University of Turku): Composing a New Europe: IBM’s Electric
Typewriter and European Reconstruction

Ramesh Subramanian (Quinnipiac University): Technology Policy and National
Identity: The Personal

Computer Comes to India

Christopher Leslie (Polytechnic Institute of New York University): CSNET and
the Internationalization of the Internet



Saturday 6 October

2 – 3.30 PM


36.     International Information Societies

Sponsored by SIGCIS

Organizer:                                 Thomas Haigh (University of
Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Chair:                                       Pascal Griset (Université Paris
IV, Sorbonne)

Commentator:                           Gerard Alberts (Amsterdam University)


Giuditta Parolini (University of Bologna): The Politics of the Statistical
Tables for Biological,

 Agricultural and Medical Research

Bernard Dionysus Geoghegan (Humboldt University, Berlin): Claude
Lévi-Strauss and the

 Technologies of Man: Cybernetic Reasoning and the Reform of the Human

Ksenia Tatarchenko (Princeton University): A Plan for the Soviet Future:
Programming, the

 Second Literacy


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