[SIGCIS-Members] Older computers (1940-1950)

John Impagliazzo John.Impagliazzo at Hofstra.edu
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Hi all,

I am not sure why this discussion thread seems to be going out of its way to degrade the importance of the ABC machine.  The computer was conceived in the late 1930s and became operational in 1942.  Granted, it was not a general purpose machine, as some of the other machines on the list.  However, it is generally acknowledged to be the first electronic special purpose computer.  Furthermore, in the protracted court case with the ENIAC on the patent of the computer, the ABC prevailed.  It may be worthwhile to visit the URL http://jva.cs.iastate.edu/operation.php , and see the birthplace of the ABC.

Thanks for your consideration.


John Impagliazzo, Ph.D.
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Thank you all for your many suggestions.

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If we include the ABC, we may as well add Couffignal's computer, an

electronic, parallel calculator programmed from an external disk.

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