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New Board member

George Dyson,
internationally known author and historian of technology whose publications
broadly cover the evolution of technology, has joined the IT History
Society's (www.IThistory.org) board of directors. 


New IT history publication

James W. Cortada, founding board member of the IT History Society, noted
information technology historian, author, and senior employee of IBM, has
published a major history of IT entitled The Digital Flood: The Diffusion of
Information Technology Across the U.S., Europe, and Asia (Oxford University
Press).  No technology seems to have spread so fast around the world in such
a short period of time as computers. The diffusion of information
technologies occurred in dozens of countries all over the world with
fascinating similarities and differences. 

In this book, Cortada provides the first world-wide history of how computers
appeared and were used in barely a half century. He explores the causes of
diffusion, arguing that more than the technology itself, other conditions
were required for the spread of computers, such as standards of living,
education, the Cold War, and globalization of the economy. He argues that
these technologies are the glue that hold together today's economies and are
propelling increases in the quality of life of over a billion people moving
into the middle class.

Based on archival and secondary research, extensive use of economic data,
and detailed country case studies of over a dozen nations, Cortada tells the
history of how computers were discovered, invented, built, and used, and the
consequences for whole regions. This is the first attempt by any expert to
write a global history of information technologies, and specifically, about
how these spread. It is economic and business history, but also a guide to
those who want to understand what is happening today in such nations as
India, China, and other emerging economies as the Computer Revolution
continues. He has insights for historians, economists, public officials, and
business executives.

You can acquire it from any online bookseller, such as Amazon and Barnes and
Noble.  Here is one fast way to get to it for more information and to order
a copy, 



The IT History Society Honor Roll

On the IT History Society website, there is a special section called the IT
History Society Honor Roll that to date is comprised of 1,028 individuals
that have made an out of the ordinary contribution but necessarily extra
ordinary contribution to the information industry.  This honored list covers
many individuals that span the formation of our industry.  Please when you
have time take a look at the honor roll at
http://ithistory.org/honor_roll/honor-roll-alpha.php.  In your review if you
notice that someone that in your opinion is a candidate to be include in the
Honor Roll, please submit an entry at
http://ithistory.org/honor_roll/fame-form.php or just drop us an email at
info at ithistory.org.


The IT History Society Hardware Database

Today the hardware database
http://ithistory.org/hardware/hardware-name.php  has 11,717 entries and
growing at 100+ entries a week.  If you notice that, especially older
devices, that are not listed, please enter them at
http://ithistory.org/hardware/hardware-form.php or drop us a note at
info at ithistory.org.


Website Traffic

We are pleased that the IT History Society website is being used more and
more from people that have an interest IT history from all over the world.
One year ago for a 30-day period, we had 1,058 visitors and the same 30-day
period this month we have 16,492 visitors for an increase 15 fold.


Thank you for your support.


IT History Society

One Blackfield Drive - Suite 331

Tiburon, CA 94920

(415) 435-2263


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 <http://www.ithistory.org/> www.ITHistory.org


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