[SIGCIS-Members] "online banking"

Pierre Mounier mounier at msh-paris.fr
Fri Nov 9 13:42:16 PST 2012

Hello all,

Would someone know :
1) When the expression "online banking" appeared ?

2) When did banks start using the Internet  to interact with their  
clients ?

I have only a few hints: In October 1995, a "Security First Network  
Bank" was created in the US (there is a brief Wiki page about it).  In  
1997, BNP in France launched its "BNPnet" service. What earlier  
attempts are recorded ?
Thanks a lot if you can take the time to provide me with relevant infos.

Best, Pierre Mounier-Kuhn

CNRS & Université Paris-Sorbonne

L'informatique en France, de la seconde guerre mondiale au Plan  
Calcul. L'Emergence d'une science

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