[SIGCIS-Members] New book about Turing and Dijkstra

Edgar Daylight egdaylight at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 12:50:39 PDT 2012

************ Book announcement ***********

`The Dawn of Software Engineering: from Turing to Dijkstra'  --- by Edgar Daylight

Published by Lonely Scholar: www.lonelyscholar.com/dawn

"A rich and fascinating account of the time when software engineering was a compelling intellectual discipline at the center of computer science."
--- John C. Reynolds, CMU.

"wonderfully novel, very readable, and most engaging"
--- Grady Booch, IBM Fellow

Did Alan Turing play a major role in the advent of the all-purpose computer? Did Turing Award winners, like Edsger W. Dijkstra, depend on his famous accomplishments? In his well-researched book Edgar G. Daylight deromanticizes Turing's & logic's role in the history of computing. Daylight furthermore explains why Dijkstra's pioneering work in compilers lies at the heart of modern-day computers. The book vividly describes how & why Dijkstra's ideas stood out among those of his contemporaries. 

Includes interviews with Turing Award winners Tony Hoare, Niklaus Wirth, Peter Naur, and Barbara Liskov.
Available from Amazon (amazon.com/dp/9491386026) and other bookstores.

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