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This (see below for CFP) is another conference where it might make sense to
try to create a presence for history. I’ve never been to an “iConference”
but it is supposed to be a proudly interdisciplinary undertaking and it
would be nice if history could be one of those disciplines. It’s a fairly
new event, organized by the “iSchools” club – these are a diverse group
falling at different spots on an axis running from computer science groups
that care a bit about users and applications to library schools that have
embraced technology and deemphasized that whole library thing. In general
when people call for more interdisciplinarity they are hoping to connect to
the disciplines with more money and status than theirs, but maybe we make up
for this with charm and intellect.

Several of the names on the program committee are strongly associated with
what is called, in the iLanguage of the iMovement, “social informatics”
which should conceptually be open to historical approaches. There are even a
couple, most notably Geoff Bowker, with ties to the history of IT. (Though
the opening appeals to “a broad spectrum of scholars and researchers
concerned about critical information issues in contemporary society” which
is of course inclusive of everything but history).

So if anyone out there is somewhere on the iAxis, maybe a little iCurious,
and feels like trying to organize something related to information history,
then let me know. This seems more promising as a creative “alternative
event”  than the six page paper format or the posters, which are the
mainstream options. Plus who wouldn’t want to go to Canada in February?


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Subject: [Sighfis-l] CFP: iConference 2012 | Culture * Design * Society

Call for Participation: iConference 2012
Toronto, Canada
February 7-10, 2012
The iConference is an annual gathering of a broad spectrum of scholars and
researchers concerned about critical information issues in contemporary
society. The iConference pushes the boundaries of information studies,
explores core concepts and ideas, and creates new technological and
conceptual configurations -- all situated in interdisciplinary discourses.
These issues will be tackled during our four-day event in downtown Toronto,
February 7-10, 2012. The conference theme is: Culture * Design * Society.

Please join us for a multitude of high quality papers, posters, workshops,
along with interactive alternative events that will frame the conversation.
In addition to these activities, there will be a Doctoral Colloquium and an
Early Career Workshop at the conference, lots of social events, and many
opportunities to mingle.
The iConference series is sponsored by the iSchools, a growing association
of more than 30 Schools, Faculties and Colleges in North America, Europe and
Asia -- however, affiliation with the iSchools is not a prerequisite, and we
encourage everyone to participate.
* Conference: http://www.ischools.org/iConference12/2012index/ 
* iCaucus:    http://www.ischools.org/site/
* Last Year’s Proceedings: http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1940761
Submission types:
* Papers:  We’re looking for original research, six to eight pages; papers
will be refereed in a double-blind process, and accepted papers will be
published in the ACM Digital Library.
  Submission deadline: Monday September 12, 2011
  Notification: Early November
  Final version due: Monday December 5, 2011
* Posters: We’re interested in posters presenting new work, preliminary
results and designs, or educational projects. Poster abstracts will undergo
a blind review, and accepted posters will have their abstracts published in
the ACM Digital Library.
  Submission deadline: Monday September 26, 2011
  Notification: Mid November
  Final version due: Monday December 5, 2011

* Workshops: These can be half- or full-day and can focus on any area within
  Submission deadline: Monday September 19, 2011
  Notification: Early October
  Final version due:  Monday October 31, 2011 

* Alternative Events: These can include panels, fishbowls, performances,
storytelling, roundtable discussions, wildcard sessions, demos/exhibitions,
and more. All should be highly participatory, informal, engaging and
  Submission deadline: Monday September 19, 2011
  Notification: Mid November
  Final version due: Monday December 5, 2011
* Doctoral Colloquium: This year’s colloquium will be organized around the
theme of “inquiry.” Applicants will submit a 1,000 word abstract addressing
the question, “What is the nature of inquiry in the information field, what
makes it similar to or different from other areas of research, and what
challenges have you met in your own research in this regard?” Visit our
website for details.
  Application deadline: Friday September 30, 2011
  Notification: Late November

Conference Chair
* Jens-Erik Mai, University of Toronto
Papers Chair
* Jonathan Furner, University of California, Los Angeles
Posters Chair
* Paul Marty, Florida State University
Alternative Events Chair
* Philippa Levy, University of Sheffield
Workshops Chair
* Kelly Lyons, University of Toronto
Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chairs
* Hamid Ekbia, Indiana University
* Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University
Keynote Speakers Chair
* Brian Cantwell Smith, University of Toronto
Publication Chair
* Yuri Takhteyev, University of Toronto
Social Media Chair
* Rhonda McEwen, University of Toronto
Program Committee
* Mark Ackerman, University of Michigan
* Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon University
* Jack Andersen, Royal School of Library and Information Science
* Nick Belkin, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
* Jean-François Blanchette, University of California, Los Angeles
* Johan Bollen, Indiana University
* Geoff Bowker, University of Pittsburgh
* Amy Bruckman, Georgia Institute of Technology
* Donald Case, University of Kentucky
* Chen Chuanfu, Wuhan University
* Paul Clough, University of Sheffield
* Kevin Crowston, Syracuse University
* Ron Day, Indiana University
* Melanie Feinberg, University of Texas, Austin
* Robert Glushko, University of California Berkeley
* Sean Goggins, Drexel University
* Sara Grimes, University of Toronto
* David Hendry, University of Washington
* Steven Jackson, Cornell University
* Jim Jansen, The Pennsylvania State University
* Michelle Kazmer, Florida State University
* Anita Komlodi, UMBC
* Christopher (Cal) Lee, University of North Carolina
* Bonnie Mak, University of Illinois
* William Moen, University of North Texas
* Bonnie Nardi, University of California, Irvine
* Heather L. O'Brien, University of British Columbia
* Ee-Peng Lim, Singapore Management University
* Vivien Petras, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
* Kalpana Shankar, University College Dublin
* Elizabeth Shepherd, University College London
* Bo Xie, University of Maryland
Learn more at http://www.ischools.org/iConference12/2012index/
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