[SIGCIS-Members] CFP, UK workshop on Information Concepts, Deadline June 17

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Good point. I've never visited Bletchley Park, but had vaguely imagined it
to be somewhere in rolling countryside rather than associating it with an
urban area. There is now a computing museum there:

Lest I be accused of being too hard on Milton Keynes, I should point out
that (according to Wikipedia) it is also home to the National Bowl, a
theatre, several music venues, multiple choirs, several professional sports
teams, and "In 1981, the main shopping area in the town centre was used as
the filming location for the music video to Cliff Richard's hit Wired for
Sound." Also "the only unaltered building by the architect and physicist
Robert Hooke."


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On 9 May 2011, at 20:51, Thomas Haigh wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Came across this thanks to the wonders of social networking technology:
> Difference that Makes a Difference: an interdisciplinary workshop on
> information and technology" at the Open University (the UK's pioneer in
> distance education).
> Description: http://www.dtmd2011.info/home
> CFP: http://www.dtmd2011.info/call-for-papers
> From the program committee there appears to be decent representation of
> expertise (although the word "impact" has somehow crept into the name of
> final session) but nothing historical there or in the keynote speakers
> They promise in session 1 to explore the "philosophical underpinnings" of
> information, whereas my hunch is that the historical roots would be much
> more informative. So perhaps someone can fix that with a submission on the
> history of information and its use within particular disciplines.
> The conference is in the Milton Keynes, England from September 7 to
> September 9, and the deadline for abstracts is June 17. (Milton Keynes
> a special place for devotes of post-War urban planning, and though
> largely devoid of interest is not that far from London or Birmingham by
> train). Registration is free, which doesn't hurt either and could make
> a cheap outing for those in the region.
> Tom

Hi Tom:

I must point out that Bletchley Park is within Milton Keyes - and is worth a
special journey, not merely a detour (to use a Michelin Guide
characterization) to anyone interested in computer history; see



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