[SIGCIS-Members] pre-announcement of 2011 ACM History Fellowship

Thomas J. Misa tmisa at umn.edu
Thu Jan 20 15:05:36 PST 2011

Hi all, 

This announcement will shortly be made public --- once the “ACM Research Materials” are updated and some internal house-keeping is done.

The ACM History Committee awarded three grants last year -- to Lars Heide, Ken Lipartito, and Andrew McGee -- and two the year before -- to Bernard Geoghegan and Irina 
.  Successful proposals deal with some aspect of ACM's history; you can easily relate a larger ongoing research project to a specific instance of ACM activity (membership, conference, awardee, organizational activity).

Deadline will be 15 April 2011.

Best, Tom Misa


ACM History Committee 
2011 Fellowships in ACM History

The Association for Computing Machinery, founded in 1947, is the oldest and largest educational and scientific society dedicated to the computing profession, and today has members in more than 100 countries.  To encourage historical research, the ACM History Committee plans to make two awards. One, a travel grant of $2,500 to support historical research on the wide variety of ACM-related activities, including ACM members, officers, and prize winners.  Second, a fellowship grant of $5,000 focusing on ACM’s rich institutional history, including consideration of its organization, publications, SIG activities, and sponsored conferences.  Successful candidates for either award may be of any rank, from graduate students through senior researchers.

To Apply:

Applicants for either award should send a 2-page CV as well as a 750-word project description that [a] describes the proposed research project; [b] identifies the importance of specific ACM historical materials, whether traditional archival collections or online historical materials (oral histories, digitized conference papers, ACM organizational records, et al.); [c] discusses the project’s planned outcome (e.g. conference paper, journal article, book or dissertation chapter, teaching resource, museum exhibit); and [d] outlines a timeline for completing the project, generally within one calendar year of the award, including a final project report sent to the ACM History Committee chair.

In preparing a proposal, applicants should examine the extensive list of “ACM Research Materials” posted at <history.acm.org/content.php?do=links> as well as “Sources for ACM History,” CACM 50 #5  (May 2007): 36-41 <doi.acm.org/10.1145/1230819.1230836>.   Other research materials relating to ACM history may also be used.  Applicants should include a letter of endorsement from their home institution or an external scholarly reference.
Proposals are due by 15 April 2011.  Proposals should be submitted as a single pdf-format document to <history-webmaster at acm.org>. Notification of awards will be made within six weeks.

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