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Tue Dec 13 09:04:25 PST 2011

The IT History Society Historical Resources sites database has just grown
over 1,500 websites.  These worldwide websites contain information
technology history of our information industry.  Each month computers at the
Internet Archive under the direction of Archive-IT crawl and index the
entire database.


Educators, IT professionals, IT companies, students, and information
technology historians both professional and hobbyists can now roam with
information technology searches and not have extraneous entrees that are not
related to information technology.


Take a moment and have some fun going back in time.  Go to
http://ithistory.org/archiveit/archiveit-search.php and start with some
search terms such as IBM 701, PDD-11, ENIAC, Grace Hopper, COBOL, Apple 1,


To view a listing of all the websites that are crawled and indexed monthly,
go  <http://ithistory.org/resource_sites/resource-sites.php>  to


We are still adding sites daily.  If you would like to have a site added,
please go to http://ithistory.org/resource_sites/resource-form.php




IT History Society

One Blackfield Drive - Suite 331

Tiburon, CA 94920

(415) 435-2263


info at ITHistory.org

www.ITHistory.org <http://www.ithistory.org/> 


Sm logo dropEnsuring the Future by Preserving the Past 


 <http://www.twitter.com/ithistoryorg> twitter


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