[SIGCIS-Members] Book(s) announcement: "The Global Flow of Information, " & "Access to Knowledge - India"

Subramanian, Ramesh Prof. ramesh.subramanian at quinnipiac.edu
Tue Dec 13 04:40:43 PST 2011

Dear SIGCIS colleagues,
I am please to note that two books edited by me have been released 
recently. The short descriptions and details are below:


Product Details 

*The Global Flow of Information: Legal, Social, and Cultural 
Perspectives (Ex Machina: Law, Technology, and Society)* 
Ramesh Subramanian and Eddan Katz (New York University Press, NY, Aug 8, 

*Book Description*

Series: *Ex Machina: Law, Technology, and Society*| Publication Date: 
*August 8, 2011*

The Internet has been integral to the globalization of a range of goods 
and production, from intellectual property and scientific research to 
political discourse and cultural symbols. Yet the ease with which it 
allows information to flow at a global level presents enormous 
regulatory challenges. Understanding if, when, and how the law should 
regulate online, international flows of information requires a firm 
grasp of past, present, and future patterns of information flow, and 
their political, economic, social, and cultural consequences.

In /The Global Flow of Information/, specialists from law, economics, 
public policy, international studies, and other disciplines probe the 
issues that lie at the intersection of globalization, law, and 
technology, and pay particular attention to the wider contextual 
question of Internet regulation in a globalized world. While individual 
essays examine everything from the pharmaceutical industry to television 
to “information warfare” against suspected enemies of the state, all 
contributors address the fundamental question of whether or not the flow 
of information across national borders can be controlled, and what role 
the law should play in regulating global information flows.

Ex Machina series

Contributors: Frederick M. Abbott, C. Edwin Baker, Jack M. Balkin, Dan 
L. Burk, Miguel Angel Centeno, Dorothy E. Denning, James Der Derian, 
Daniel W. Drezner, Jeremy M. Kaplan, Eddan Katz, Stanley N. Katz, 
Lawrence Liang, Eli Noam, John G. Palfrey, Jr., Victoria Reyes, and 
Ramesh Subramanian


Product Details 

*Access to Knowledge in India: New Research on Intellectual Property, 
Innovation and Development* 
<http://www.amazon.com/Access-Knowledge-India-Intellectual-Development/dp/1849665265/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1323734434&sr=1-2> by 
Ramesh Subramanian and Lea Shaver (Bloomsbury Academic Publishing, UK, 
Dec 15, 2011)

*Book Description*

ISBN-10:***1849665265***| ISBN-13:***978-1849665261*| Publication Date: 
*December 15, 2011*

This is the third volume in our Access to Knowledge series. India is a 
$1 trillion economy which nevertheless struggles with a very high 
poverty rate and very low access to knowledge for almost seventy percent 
of its population which lives in rural areas.

This volume features four parts on current issues facing intellectual 
property, development policy (especially rural development policy) and 
associated innovation, from the Indian perspective. Each chapter is 
authored by scholars taking an interdisciplinary approach and affiliated 
to Indian or American universities and Indian think-tanks. Each examines 
a policy area that significantly impacts access to knowledge. These 
include information and communications technology for development; the 
Indian digital divide; networking rural areas; copyright and comparative 
business models in music; free and open source software; patent reform 
and access to medicines; the role of the Indian government in promoting 
access to knowledge internationally and domestically.

Best regards,
-Ramesh Subramanian

Ramesh Subramanian, Ph.D.
Gabriel Ferrucci Professor of Information Systems
Quinnipiac University
275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518.
Email: rameshs at quinnipiac.edu
Web: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x1288.xml?Person=23345&type=5
Visiting Fellow, Information Society Project
Yale Law School
127 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511.
Email: ramesh.subramanian at yale.edu
Web: http://www.law.yale.edu/intellectuallife/9841.htm

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