[SIGCIS-Members] New book about Turing Award winner Peter Naur

Edgar Daylight egdaylight at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 12:34:55 PST 2011

************ Book announcement ***********

`Pluralism in Software Engineering: Turing Award Winner Peter Naur Explains'
--- by Edgar G. Daylight

As a software engineer and aspiring historian of computing, I have had the honor of meeting the computing pioneer Peter Naur at his home in Copenhagen in the spring of 2011. My lengthy discussion with Naur is documented in my new book and is published by Lonely Scholar. 

I invite historians of science to have a look at the book's summary at: http://www.lonelyscholar.com/node/7
Naur discusses varying topics, ranging from astronomy to programming and from philosophy to psychology. An underlying theme is Naur's rejection of Western philosophy.

best wishes,
Edgar G. Daylight

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