[SIGCIS-Members] SIGCIS Workshop & Member Directory

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Tue Sep 21 15:05:38 PDT 2010

Hello everyone,

Here are a few topical announcements and reminders regarding SIGCIS, our
email list, our member directory, and our 2010 workshop.

1) We had a recent flurry of emails regarding early computer use in the
petroleum industry. I was very pleased with the responses we were able to
provide. However some people may prefer to get a maximum of one email a day
from the list. This can be achieved by logging into the email list at
http://sigcis.org/mailman/listinfo/members and then selecting "Yes" for the
"Daily Digest" option. That ensures your inbox will never get crowded even
when heated discussion breaks out on the list. You should receive a monthly
reminder of your email list (listman) password, and can also request it to
be sent to you again. Note that it will usually be different from your main
sigcis.org password.

2) For our 2010 workshop http://www.sigcis.org/workshop10, which is now less
than two weeks away, we have now received most of the precirculated papers
and have them up on the website for your reading pleasure. If you haven't
yet sent dissertation or work in progress for preciculation, or if you are
in regular session and did not yet send anything for the commentator, then
please get the materials to tangjd at jmu.edu in the next few days. 

3) We should soon be receiving a list from SHOT of the registrants for the
workshop. When we get the registrants list from SHOT we'll send some further
information regarding dinner options, mechanics, etc. just to the workshop
attendees  rather than spamming everyone. However, if you plan to attend the
workshop but have not yet registered with SHOT (for example if you will do a
one day registration at the door) then please let me know so that we can
also include you in the messages.

4) Please review your entry in the member directory:
http://www.sigcis.org/members This is particularly important for those
attending the workshop, as we will be including the directory entry for all
SHOT attendees in the workshop booklet. This includes the description of
current research, and is a high speed alternative to having everyone stand
up and introduce themselves. Some entries are clearly out of date and speak
of 2006 or 2007 in the future tense!  Others are very skimpy and have no
description of research interests and activity in the field. You will need
to update by Sunday for inclusion in the booklet. To update your directory
entry and other information either login at http://www.sigcis.org/user and
do it yourself (preferred option) or email the new text to
eabenoit at gmail.com. That's Ed Benoit, who has recently been doing a great
job cleaning up the email subscription list and working on the member

Best wishes,

Tom Haigh

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