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> Dear all
> A heads up to a forthcoming title in Routledge's International Studies in
> Business History. Of course, I have a vested interest and would appreciate
> any pre-order or actual order from your library.
> Best
> Bernardo
> (University of Leicester)
> ------------------------------
>  *Technological Innovation in Retail Finance<http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13TRk9oVQYVNvoxmVM>
> *
> International Historical Perspectives
> Edited by *Bernado Batiz-Lazo*, *J. Carles Maixé-Altés*, *Paul Thomes*
> Read More <http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13TRkyDgMMKaMzhFIz> | Recommend to
> Librarian <http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13TRkXRBIAyy3K1Yvm>
> This edited volume offers a new and original approach to the study of
> technological change in retail finance. Documenting developments in the US
> alongside case studies from  Mexico and Western Europe, Technological
> Innovation in Retail Finance addresses the variety of financial institutions
> that populated the markets for retail finance. It offers a massive research
> base reflecting not only breadth of contributor interests, but also a unity
> of purpose that comes from several workshops and comments on each other's
> work.
> Technological innovation had a major role in the shaping and developing of
> administrative procedures, routines, and capabilities in organizations
> offering retail financial services. Indeed, with the exception of
> contemporary case studies for the UK, the current ‘state of the art’ in the
> study of the computerization of financial services from an historical
> perspective is overwhelmingly focused on developments in the USA. This
> volume overcomes the usual bias towards the so called ‘Atlantic continuity’
> in the understanding of technological change related to applications of
> information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) by offering a number of
> sources of distinctiveness. It shows when and how technological change
> altered the competitive intensity in the markets for retail finance.
> October 2010 | Hardback: 978-0-415-88067-1
> ------------------------------
> [image: cover] <http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13TRln5WEomVkUMhi9> *
> *These books are part of our *Routledge International Studies in Business
> History*series. To view all the titles click here<http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/13TRnOtYfdfaZXg60T>
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