[SIGCIS-Members] Introducing the IT History Society Honor Roll

Jeffery Stein jeffery at ithistory.org
Tue May 18 09:38:56 PDT 2010

IT History Society 
May 18, 2010  
   The board of directors of the IT History Society is pleased to
   announce the latest addition to its website.  The new entry is
   entitled the IT Honor Roll, a listing of living individuals that have
   made noteworthy contributions to the information technology industry.
   Please review the initial Honor Roll at
   http://ithistory.org/honor_roll/honor-roll.php.  The seeded listing
   of about 100 individuals which can be sorted by alphabetical order or
   by two categories, a creator of history or a chronicler of history.
   We are asking you and your fellow professionals to submit nominations
   of honorees by using the online form at
   http://ithistory.org/honor_roll/fame-form.php.   We do feel that that
   the list should exceed 100s of entries in a short period of time.  If
   need be that you have several nominations and are short of time, you
   can email nominations to info at ithistory.org.  The IT Honor Roll is
   intended to be a community effort of IT peers, historians, and
   archivist. It is not the intent of the IT History Society to create a
   list of honorees but only to collect them from the profession
   suggested nominees and host the results.  The initial listing is a
   collection of honorees by some members in the interest in getting the
   list started.  We do expect the list to rapidly grow by IT community
   Please take note that the IT Honor Roll is for living individuals.
   For individuals that have made a noteworthy contribution to the
   information technology industry and that have passed on please visit
   a section on the website entitled In Memoriam located at
   http://www.ithistory.org/memoriam/memoriam.php and to nominate
   entries please us the online form located at
   The current seeded list is sort of American centric and we would hope
   our fellow non US professionals will be able to nominate more
   honorees to the IT Honor Roll so the honor roll will be truly
   Once a suggested nominee is entered, the IT Honor Roll Committee, we
   appreciate their time in doing this, will review each entry.  The
   committee consists of -
   Dr. Glenn Bugos - Moment LLC
   James Cortada - IBM Corporation
   Michael Geslowitz - IEEE History Center
   Dr. John Impagliazzo - Hofstra University
   Professor Martin Campbell-Kelly - Warwick University
   Jeffery Stein - Chairman, IT History Society
   Dr. Arthur Tatnall - Chairman, IFIP WG9.7
   We look forward to your suggested nominees.
   The IT History Society is now on Twitter!
   Best regards,

   Jeffery D. Stein

   (415) 435-7464 Tel
   (415) 435-6115 Fax

IT History Society
One Blackfield Drive
Suite 331
Tiburon, CA 94920


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