[SIGCIS-Members] review of Lars Heide's book on Punched Cards

Brian Randell Brian.Randell at ncl.ac.uk
Mon May 17 14:57:39 PDT 2010

Hi Paul:

>I reviewed Lars Heide's book more favorably:
>Review of Lars Heide, Punched-Card Systems and the Early Information 
>Explosion, 1880-1945, in the Journal for the American Society for 
>Information Science and Technology 61/2 (Feb. 2010), p. 428
>I can post the text of my review, but perhaps it would be more 
>appropriate for you to find it online.

I tried to, unsuccesfully.
Even simple searches of the American Society for Information Science 
and Technology website on either Ceruzzi or Heide produced nothing. I 
did find your mention of the book in the IT History Society Blog for 
21 July 2009, but no review.

Could you post the URL please.



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