[SIGCIS-Members] UK resource guide now completed -- from Jame Sumner

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Mon Dec 20 14:55:56 PST 2010

[Forwarded from James Sumner -- james.sumner at manchester.ac.uk.]

Dear listmembers

The full version of "History of computing in the UK: a resource guide"
is now up on the SIGCIS site, joining Tom Haigh's more general resource
guide and Chigusa Kita's Japanese listing. Please take a look:


Suggested additions and corrections are very welcome -- as are comments
on the arrangement and scope. Putting together this kind of finding aid
always involves a lot of subjective decisions about what to include and
how to present it. For the record, my ground rules have been

- to offer starting-points for researchers, rather than trying to be

- to follow the shape of the literature, rather than trying to give
balanced coverage to areas where not much has been written

- to focus on secondary sources, listing primary sources only when
they're particularly rewarding and/or the secondary source base is
particularly light

- not to exclude anything purely on the grounds that it's difficult to

I hope I've managed to come up with something most people will find
useful. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed material so far!


On 17/12/2010 18:57, Thomas Haigh wrote:
> Hello James,
> Did you try to send the message from the new account? I don't remember
> seeing it...
> Tom
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> Good idea. Page has been updated; I'll announce it to the list now.
> Best
> James
> On 01/12/2010 21:17, Thomas Haigh wrote:
>> OK. I added this address to the list, but turned off mail delivery for it
> so
>> it should be good for sending but will not fill up with extra copies of
> the
>> list messages.
>> Tom
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>> Hi Tom
>> Sorry -- I'd forgotten this detail. But I doubt I can get anything done
>> to fix it at this end. I'll drop a line to IT services, whose typical
>> approach to anything non-obvious is to reassign it to someone I can't
>> contact directly and ignore it forever.
>> There's james at jbsumner.com , I suppose -- I try not to use this much,
>> but it will do the job. Please set it up as accepted.
>> Thanks!
>> James
>> On 30/11/2010 22:19, Thomas Haigh wrote:
>>> Hello James,
>>> What I recall finding when we checked before is that this was a case of
>> your
>>> email server being unable to find the sigcis.org domain or communicate
>> with
>>> the SMTP receiver running on it (failing on RCPT as it tries to
>>> the recipient) and therefore refusing to transmit the message.
>>> It is not that the SIGCIS listserv receiving the message and rejecting
>>> for some reason. That makes it much harder to fix, as it's a problem
>> is
>>> taking place in the interaction between the two servers that is for some
>>> reason only afflicting your email server and maybe a few others.
>>> I am cc'ing Brent to see if he has any ideas.
>>> As a workaround do you have another email account you can use for
>> I
>>> can manually add it as an accepted sender to both lists.
>>> Tom
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>>> Tom,
>>> This is evidently a persistent problem. Checking my mail archives shows
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>>> Please could you forward the message?
>>> Thanks
>>> James
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>>> Dear all
>>> As (repeatedly) promised, a revised version is up as a draft -- not
>>> publicly visible -- at
>>> http://www.sigcis.org/node/113
>>> Comments welcome. Do we think this is now in a fit state to be promoted
>>> to the membership? (If so, could someone please tell me how to make it
>>> appear as a link from the main site?)
>>> Best
>>> James

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