[SIGCIS-Members] SIGCIS Mahoney Fund

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Thu Dec 16 14:18:54 PST 2010

Hello SIGCIS members,

Once or twice a year I like to update everyone on the progress of the
Mahoney fund, in which SIGCIS is accumulating capital to support graduate
student travel awards and other future projects. The fund was founded two
years ago in honor of historian Michael S. Mahoney. Full details, including
the procedure for donating, at http://www.sigcis.org/mahoney.

So far this year we have received donations totaling $2,850 bringing the
total to just over eight thousand dollars. These contributions included
pledged annual giving from Jonathan Coopersmith, Ann Johnson, and Wendy
Vogenitz. Angela Creager and Brent Jesiek made new donations. $1,500 of the
total was the honorarium I received from Harvard University Press as editor
of the forthcoming "Histories of Computing," a collection of Mahoney's work.
(Available for preorder at Amazon, which is very trusting of HUP as I didn't
send back the galleys yet.

The fund is managed by SHOT along with its own endowment. We earned more
than $800 of investment income from its performance in 2009. So far the
proceeds are being reinvested in their entirety to speed capital
accumulation. When the balance reaches $10,000 we plan to begin spending at
least 5% of the total each year to support an additional graduate student
travel award for the SIGCIS workshop.

Contributions large and small are always welcome. Donations to the fund
count as charitable contributions for US taxpayers, and so are tax
deductible in the normal way for those who itemize. SHOT has asked that
donations, where possible, be made by check rather than online. It would be
great to reach the initial $10,000 target before the 2011 annual meeting
next autumn. 

Happy holidays to you all, as the semester and the year draw to their

Tom Haigh

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