[SIGCIS-Members] Barkley Fritz

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Nov 17 10:57:53 PST 2009

Does anyone know how to reach W. Barkley Fritz, who was a supervisor of 
the female "computers" for ENIAC during its Aberdeen days?  I was given 
a phone number by Paul Deitz @ Aberdeen, but it's incorrect.

This is part of my ongoing quest to learn * how * the ENIAC was moved 
from Moore to Aberdeen, beyond just "they took down a wall and used 
trucks."  I contacted Harry (Joshua) Gray, who did his master's project 
on the re-installation, but even he only saw the computer before and 
after its physical move.

Earlier this year I found a folder in the Aberdeen archives, with the 
title "ENIAC move to Aberdeen" (I forget the exact wording); that folder 
itemized every nut and bolt but contained virtually nothing about the 
move itself.  All it said was, "U. Pennsylvania truck."

Then I tried contacting the Penn facilities department to ask for 1946 
records and they pretty much laughed at me ......

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