[SIGCIS-Members] question about DIY computing in the 1940s/1950s

Brian Randell Brian.Randell at ncl.ac.uk
Sun Nov 15 04:15:53 PST 2009

Hi Evan:

At 07:04 -0500 15/11/09, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>While writing about the National Bureau of Standards' SEAC tonight, I
>began to wonder: what are some other examples of computers in the late
>1940s and early 1950s that were developed by customers because it was
>easier than buying one commercially?  I'm specifically interested in
>machines that were completed and put into real-world use, not those
>which were experiments.

The example that immediately springs to (my) mind is LEO, Lyons 
Electronic Office, based on EDSAC.


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