[SIGCIS-Members] Update -- Evans Signal Lab and computer development

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Jun 16 21:24:53 PDT 2009

Here's something I think my fellow SIGCIS members will find interesting.

At the D.C. conference in 2007 I talked about the InfoAge Science 
Center, which was a Marconi station before W.W. I, a Navy comms station 
during W.W. I, an Army Signal Corp R&D lab during and after W.W. II, and 
shut down in the late 1990s.

Recently we at InfoAge made progress in understanding what happened here 
applicable to computer development.  The site is already noteworthy for 
its Marconi-era achievements and its many radar and communications 
achievements, but until very recently its role in computer development 
was severely understated.

Last night I made a simple poster outlining this work.  It's intended 
for lay audiences, but it might also open some eyes here in SIGCIS.

Feedback encouraged.  Of course I'd be happy to provide more detail 
about each bullet point.


- Evan

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