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Petri, I agree with your comments and you and I have had the same
experience in finding materials.  Ultimately, I am more interested in
collecting the materials than simply having a nice bibliography.  As a
community we all share the same problem so it might make sense at some
point for the entire sigcis membership to launch a coordinated assault on
the problem, select one or more university libraries in Europe--not the
US--and build the collection, methodically and completely.  By the way, we
have not done that in the US, although CBI is moving aggressively to start
that process.  We really need a half dozen such collections around the
world.  Perhaps when the several research projects underway in Europe are
completed we can go to the EU and propose a serious project.  I like
collections of 30,000-100,000 publications on a subject; justifies the
price of an airplane ticket to see them.  :--))


Dr. Jim (James) W. Cortada
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jwcorta at us.ibm.com

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Jim, my answer to your original question would be that no-one has done
that, covered the whole of Europe (in any of its possible, different
compilation of countries). Sorry. I would say it's a ridiculously difficult
task anyway but could be done as a well-coordinated international effort.
The present Softeu-project won't have time to do it but it could help show
the right way.
(For Softeu, see

For the Nordic or Scandinavian countries the book History of Nordic
Computing (2005, and there's a second volume to be published later this
year) is a good entry point to the different literatures. It's a collection
of academic articles and source articles by the actors themselves.
See http://www.springerlink.com/content/t74p87474518/ or Google books.

In some cases 'where to buy them' is another complex question to answer.
Bookfinder.com seems to find many of them quite nice. But: Gerard's
"International computer bibliography" isn't there and many others
(particularly of less central countries, so to speak, like pretty much all
of the Nordic ones) are not there. We need to find and search national
bookstores and hope they have them and that they deliver abroad -- I have
had difficulties ordering sort of rare history books from German
web-stores. In this sense, (too), Europe is a mess, or doesn't really exist
as one category.



> Dear Jim,
> I would not know, never saw the synopsis bibliography for sale, but
> libraries may also hold the abstract journal it was based on (a
> reference journal with three lives):
> Literature on automation <  = ISSN 0377-1067 (1961-1968 published by
> Dutch PTT)
> New literature on automation <  = ISSN 0028-6095 (1968-1983 published
> by SSAA/NOVI Studiecentrum )
> Excerpta informatica : an abstract journal of recent literature on
> automation <  = ISSN 0169-5509 (1985-1998 published by Tilburg
> University Press)
> Kind regards,
> Gerard Alberts
> --------------
> Excellent. If I wanted to buy a copy of this who should I go to in
> Europe to find this?
> Dr. Jim (James) W. Cortada
> ________________________________
> Dear Jim,
> here (below) is the reference to the 2 volume bibliography by the
> Dutch "Studiecentrum" I showed you before. It virtually coincided with
> the center's library, which has since been lost. Still this institute
> was very active in collecting literature in all languages and may well
> have been among the better informed in Europe.
> Kind regards,
> Gerard
> International computer bibliography : a guide to books on the use,
> application and effect of computers in scientific, commercial,
> industrial and social environments
> Place of publ., Publisher, Publication year: Amsterdam, Nederlands
> Studiecentrum voor Informatica, 1968-1971
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> Subject: Re: [SIGCIS-Members] European ICT Bibliography
> Has anyone published, or put together, a substantial bibliography of
> books and articles concerning ICT in Europe? I am having difficulty
> assembling a good bibliographic list for my own work. The British
> story seems to have made it into many bibliographies, but publications
> from the Continent are more difficult to find on lists.
> Second, a question for our European colleagues: What are some good
> online bookdealers to go to for old and new books related to the
> history of ICT? I would especially like to know of those that carry
> books from multiple European countries.
> Cheers!
> Dr. Jim (James) W. Cortada
> IBM Institute for Business Value
> 2917 Irvington Way
> Madison, WI 53713 USA
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