[SIGCIS-Members] The development of language and metaphor in computing and the internet

Sue Thomas sue.suethomas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 08:34:37 PST 2009

Dear all


I've joined this list at the suggestion of Evan Koblenz, and it certainly
looks like the place I need to be!


I am a UK writer/academic from De Montfort University, England, and
currently British Academy - funded Visiting Scholar in the Dept of English
at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). I'm interested in
the use of nature metaphors in the history of computing and the internet,
e.g. surfing, clouds, fields, roots,  etc. This is explained in full on my
website http://www.thewildsurmise.com/ 


I have two requests:

.        I will be at UCSB until the end of April and I would be delighted
to hear from any list members in California who worked on the development of
computers and the internet and would like to share their own knowledge. I
would be happy to visit you, speak on the phone, or just email - whatever
works for you and where you are.

.        In general terms, I would be interested to hear about any other
research in this area in any part of the world. I'm starting my research
here but my enquiries will extend to other countries over the next couple of


Thanks for your attention


Best wishes





Sue Thomas 
Professor of New Media, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK 

Currently Visiting Scholar, English Dept, University of California Santa

sue.suethomas at gmail.com


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