[SIGCIS-Members] SIGCIS member directory (updates functional again).

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Sat Dec 5 19:42:14 PST 2009

Hello everyone,

This is an opportune time to encourage you to visit the SIGCIS member
directory, a unique listing of contact details and research interests for
historians of computing worldwide. Sadly the march of browser technology
meant that many people were unable to login and make changes to their
entries for the past few months after receiving automatic updates to their
computer software. We have now upgraded, thanks to the efforts of Brent
Jesiek, to a newer version of our Drupal content management system
compatible with the full range of authentication mechanisms present in
modern browsers. This should also allow us to roll out some new capabilities
and updated content over the next few months.

The directory is at http://www.sigcis.org/?q=profile

Many, but by no means all, SIGCIS members have created profiles but many of
them are out of date and several are blank! So why not check yours today,
and make any necessary updates.

Here's how to create or update your directory entry (including email and
home page information):

1.       Login to SIGCIS here: http://www.sigcis.org/?q=user. You should
have received an email with your password when you registered. If you've
forgotten your password, then go here
http://www.sigcis.org/?q=user/password, enter your email address, and it
will send you a new one. If you were on the listserv prior to our move to
SIGCIS.org then you may not have a SIGCIS account, but creating one is easy.

2.       The system will then take you directly to the screen where you view
your member profile.

3.       To edit the member profile click the "edit" tab toward the top of
the screen.

4.       Then to get to the screen with your affiliation and statement of
interests click the "Member Information" tab which will have appeared just
below the "Edit" tab.

5.       Make changes, or paste in an updated statement. Then click

I just did mine - it really only takes a minute. While you're logged in, you
can change your password to something more memorable.

Best wishes,

Tom Haigh

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