[SIGCIS-Members] "May 30 U of M conference explores gender gap in computing professions"

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Tue May 20 09:13:45 PDT 2008

"May 30 U of M conference explores gender gap in computing professions"

The University of Minnesota's Charles Babbage Institute presents an 
international conference exploring the gender gap in computing on Friday, 
May 30, at the Charles Babbage Institute, Anderson Library, 222 21st Ave. 
S., Minneapolis. The conference is free and open to the public, but 
registration is required for lunch and/or dinner.

The conference, entitled History | Gender | Computing, features presenters 
from six countries who will observe that women were active participants in 
the early days of computer programming, but examine why computing today is 
one of the most gender-segregated domains of modern life. Complementing the 
presentations is a scheduled poster session, showcasing additional views 
and innovative projects, as well as a new exhibit, "Gendered Bits," 
exploring how gender has shaped the professional identities and material 
culture of computing.

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Thomas J. Misa

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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