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Dear all,

The organizers of this workshop asked that I help get the word out.  They welcome submissions and appreciate any help you could provide forwarding the call for papers.

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Call for papers

A Workshop on

HISTORY of INFORMATICS in Latin America and the Caribbean

will take place at the

Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange looking forward to Latin America and the Caribbean future

to be held at the University of Santiago in Chile (Institute of Advanced Studies) from October 29th to November 2nd, 2008. A workshop (#66) on this subject has been organized at the Congress. The call for papers for this workshop is attached at the end of this document.

Program Committee:

Jorge Aguirre - Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Argentina

Rafael Lins - Universidade  Estadual de Pernambuco, Brasil

Pablo Jacovkis - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authors should send their abstracts to the e-mail address indicated below before June 30th, 2008. Abstracts must be presented in RTF format and written in 12 p-times new roman characters and they can not exceed 250 words. The workshop number (66) as well as the authors' name, e-mail address and Institution must be included in the abstract. Acceptance of the abstracts will be communicated to authors before July 31st, 2008. The full lenght of accepted papers must not exceed 3500 words and must be submitted before September 30th, 2008. Spanish and Portuguese are the official languages of the Congress.

Publication in Journal IEEE Annals of History of Computing

Papers selected by the workshop organizers will be sent to the editor board of IEEE Annals of History of Computing after their translation to English for their possible publication in the Journal.

Important dates for authors to remember

Abstracts must be e-mailed before June 30th, 2008.

Acceptance of the abstracts shall be communicated to authors before July 31st, 2008.

Full-lenght text of accepted papers must be submitted before September 30th, 2008.

For Submittals and/or doubts or questions: historiainformatica at yahoo.com<mailto:historiainformatica at yahoo.com>

Call for Papers Workshop # 66: History of Informatics in Latin American and the Caribbean
The appearance of the computers at the end of the 1940's, their computing power exponential growth, the impressive decrease of their size and their cost, the birth of computer science as an independent discipline, the intertwining between computing and telecommunications, the incorporation of computers to all kind of devices and appliances, the Internet development and the "informatization" of society, constitute the most important technologic revolution of the last 60 years. The history of Informatics in Latin America and the Caribbean, though (from the technological point of view) a reflection of advances and developments in the Northern Hemisphere, shows also a large list of enriching experiences and original fruitful projects as well as the negative influence of nonautonomous policies. It shows improvements and backward motions, as well as periods of contagious enthusiasm and of deep discouragement. Besides, the vertiginous technological development in Informatics turns relatively new devices and techniques into old fashioned ones very fast, and the problems that this situation creates in Latin America and the Caribbean are sometimes different - and more serious - than the ones it causes in USA and Europe.

The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate an integral and careful debate on the most important aspects of the History of Informatics in Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasizing their social importance.

The main topics of the workshop are:

The beginning of computer science and computer activities in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as their relation to mathematics and electronics.

The processes through which computers became inserted in academia, government and production.

The development of the computer studies in Universities and other educational institutions.

The development of research in informatics. Groups and research institutions and their production.
The history of quality standards in the academia and industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Regional and international collaboration and cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Influence of existence and absence of government policies in the region for the development of informatics.

Creation of academic nets and their influence.

Important projects and personalities associated to development of informatics.

Existence and absence of scientific, technological and industrial structures in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Preservation of the ideas and actions of the protagonists of the computer activities.

Maintenance of artifacts and the intellectual record related to informatics.

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