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Ceruzzi, Paul CeruzziP at si.edu
Wed Feb 27 12:59:51 PST 2008

A couple of items:
1) Please note my new e-mail address: <ceruzzip at si.edu>. I've heard that
e-mail to an older Smithsonian address has been returned.

2) At the request of the IT  History Society, I've begun contributing to
their blog. Here is the link:  <http://ithistory.org/blog/>.   Comments

3) Don't forget the SHOT meeting in Lisbon this fall; proposals are due
to the Program Committee by 14 March. Here is the link:
<http://shotnews.net/?p=401>.  Note that proposals do not go to me but
to the Chair of the Committee at this address:
<shot at em.uni-frankfurt.de>.  I am willing to give informal advice if you

Paul E. Ceruzzi
National Air & Space Museum
MRC 311; PO Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012

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