[SIGCIS-Members] 4S Conference Deadline -- 16 Feb -- Rotterdam, August 2008

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Mon Feb 4 23:29:25 PST 2008

Hello Everyone,


The deadline for proposals for the joint meeting of the Society for Social
Studies of Science with the European Association for the Study of Science
and Technology (EASST) is fast approaching. The meeting will be held in
Rotterdam from August 20-23. It should be great fun, as 4S is always diverse
and lively and the added influx of Europeans from EASST will spice things up
further.  (Europeans, please feel free to reverse that to avoid hints of
Anglo-Saxon imperialism).


The call is on the web at http://www.4sonline.org/meeting.htm.


Recent 4S meetings have suffered from a combination of the democratic
impulse to accept as many panels and papers as possible with the physical
constraints of conference hotels. This sometimes led to 12 minute papers in
curtained off alcoves. I heard that this is being addressed, though I'm not
sure whether a higher rejection rate or a bigger hotel is the immediate
solution. The CFP this year asks for 20 minute papers, and asks for 2 hour
sessions with 5 papers, a discussant, and 10 minutes of questions. Factoring
in gaps between presenters and so on I wouldn't count on getting more than
15 minutes in such a situation. You might get lucky with a panel of 4
papers. However, in the past the organizers have been aggressive in adding
extra papers to less packed panels, so I wouldn't risk submitting one with
only 3 as it might be packed with random additions.


My other advice is to leave out dates from your titles. 4S audiences do not
always pack history sessions.


SIGCIS has organized panels for the two previous 4S meetings, and also held
informal dinners for members. If you have some ideas, please feel free to
send them to the list or to me. (However, with our tiny new addition to the
family my time is a little less flexible than usual, so I'd need details


Best wishes,






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