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Charles Babbage Difference Engine #2 -- See it LIVE !!

On May 1 2008, Join the Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA) in
launching its exciting new exhibit: "Babbage¹s Difference Engine No. 2,"
exhibited for the first (and probably last) time in North America!

This five-ton Engine is one of only two of Charles Babbage¹s computing
engines ever built. Designed to calculate and print mathematical tables, it
is made of 8,000 parts of bronze, cast iron and steel and measures 11 feet
long by 7 feet high. Come see docents crank the Engine by hand and watch it
mechanically calculate - an arresting spectacle of automatic computing.

The May 1st exhibit launch and open house, a Victorian-themed event,
promises a stunning display of Babbage¹s elegant design and inspired
engineering. His designs for vast mechanical calculating engines rank as one
of the startling achievements of the 19th century.

Come see what no Victorian -- including Babbage himself -- ever saw.  If you
miss the Opening Night, the Engine will be at the Museum until May, 2009 so
be sure to visit us when you have the chance!

Starting May 10, see http://www.computerhistory.org/babbage/ for more


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