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Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Tue Dec 19 12:14:54 PST 2006

Hello Brent,

That's looking great. Thanks for addressing this -- it will really boost our
visibility to have everything on sigcis.org.

As you'll recall, what I didn't like about sigcis at sigcis.org was the
redundancy, so using "members" deals with that while keeping a descriptive
prefix for the messages.

To duplication the existing list there are a few more configuration settings
you will need to set.

* Have the list accept messages from subscribers but hold messages from
non-subscribers for moderation. Joline should be the moderator, at least for
now. They're mostly spam, but occasionally members post from the wrong

* Have the list accept messages from the following nonsubscribers. These all
have to do with people having multiple email addresses.

thaigh at uwm.edu
tdhaigh at colby.edu
thomas.haigh at gmail.com
brian.randell at ncl.ac.uk
thaigh at computer.org
hemmendd at union.edu
galberts at science.uva.nl
petereckstein at comcast.net

* Make sure members are allowed to unsubscribe

* Make sure that members CANNOT subscribe without moderator approval.

* Set the archive feature to ON and PUBLIC. Have a new archive volume
generate monthly.

* Set the maximum message size to 150KB to make sure nobody gets spammed
with big attachments.

* Allow subscribers to switch to digest mode if they want.

Include the following text in the welcome message for new subscribers

Welcome to members at sigcis.org, the discussion list of SHOT SIGCIS. All
subscribers can post to the list directly by emailing their message to this

New subscribers are asked to send a message to the list (address it to
comphist at uwm.edu) with the subject "About [Your Name"]. In the body of the
message, please include your name, affiliation, home page address (if
applicable) and a paragraph discussing your involvement with the history of
computing and current research interests. As well as introducing you to the
community, this will provide our SIG secretary with the information needed
to update our online directory, currently at

List policies are under development. Announcements of reasonably broad
interest are encouraged, including those of conference, books and other
publications. Commercial use is not permitted, other than the posting of a
single announcement of a publication of general interest. Email attachments
should be avoided whenever possible in favor of hyperlinks, and in no case
should exceed 100 kilobytes.

We'll need to change the text when we get the directory onto sigcis.org, but
it can stay for now.

Have the follow message appended to each post. Obviously you'll need to
change the URLs and list name.

This email is relayed from comphist at uwm.edu, the email discussion list of
SHOT SIGCIS. The list archives are at
http://listserv.uwm.edu/mailman/private/comphist/ and you can change your
subscription options at http://listserv.uwm.edu/mailman/listinfo/comphist.


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All, apologies for the deluge of listserv notices - I was having trouble
deciding what to call the listserv. I ultimately decided it best to call it
members at sigcis.org, but to configure it to append all titles with
[SIGCIS-Members] to clarify the message source. Whaddya think?


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